Micro Markets are a retail sector, closely tied to the vending machine industry, that utilises automated self-checkout technology, similar to that found in Supermarkets, to operate in locations that require unattended payment capability. In a post-covid workplace environment the solution offers a cost effective and enhanced contactless solution for businesses looking to supply their staff with convenient and reliable catering solutions 24/7. 


Automated and requiring no staff, Micro Markets offer cutting edge catering solutions to businesses of all sizes from a compact unit serving a small office of c.50 staff to larger industrial sites with 300 - 500+ staff. Customers choose from a range of chilled drinks, healthy snacks, sandwiches, fresh fruit & fresh brew tea & coffee. They then use the self-service cashless payment kiosk to purchase their items.


Micro Markets are modular and can get scaled or adapted to suit any business. The concept consists of open rack displays, reach-in refrigerated coolers or/and freezers and a self-checkout kiosk. A single Micro Market can easily stock between 500-1000 products, while a traditional vending machine solution can generally only hold around 40-50 product lines.


All the convenience of a shop, without ever having to leave the office or offering all the benefits of an unmanned canteen which is open around the clock. Consumers can pay using credit/debit cards and can offer a wide variety of product options. Once installed, a Micro Market works just like a supermarket.